The car of the future: electric, autonomous and above all safer and more secure.

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Expertise in vehicle safety and security

SwissMoves simulates scenarios that assess the ADAS systems specific to vehicle automation and then tests them in real-life situations. The systems can only be validated once they have undergone rigorous safety and cybersecurity testing.

Evaluation of the V2l infrastructure

Infrastructure that enables autonomous vehicles to communicate with their immediate environment will play a key role in ensuring the safety of road traffic in the future. SwissMoves includes V2l communication in simulations and this enables us to develop complex scenarios and define safety regulations that can connect autonomous vehicles worldwide. Innovative concepts will be validated by extensive testing.

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The definition of critical scenarios, the simulation of ADAS systems behavior, the strategies and implementation of V2I communication , the cybersecurity analysis of AV: so many topics that can be addressed and developed during training courses allowing customers to follow the State-of-the-Art in these cutting-edge fields.

Road Service offers

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    Vehicle simulation

    Our IPG CarMaker simulation tool will integrate software and different sensors in order to certify that the vehicle operates correctly according to a database of critical scenarios.

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    Road trip simulation

    Our simulation tool IPG CarMaker enables us to virtually reproduce and validate the route that an autonomous vehicle takes.

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    We work with V2X (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure/Pedestrians/Vehicles/…) equipment suppliers to analyse the changes that need to be made to infrastructure and then propose solutions.

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    Our experts, who have experience establishing norms (e.g. ISO 26262: 2018, ISO/PAS 21448: Road Vehicles — Safety of the Intended Functionality, ISO/SAE CD 21434 [SAE] Road Vehicles — Cybersecurity engineering…), provide training on the standards that automated and autonomous vehicles have to respect.

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    We are currently developing an autonomous demonstration vehicle that respects all safety and security requirements. Our expertise is available to assist companies that plan to develop vehicles.

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    Homologation / Certification*

    We work closely with the federal traffic regulation agencies (OFROU, OFT, METAS…) to analyse and certify Advanced Driver Assistance Systems “ADAS”. We also offer our assistance and experience in making authorisation requests for a specific assignment for an autonomous vehicle.

    * These services are provided by our main partner CertX

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