Heading for the safe management of automatic trains

Concept of a futuristic high speed monorail train with magnetic levitation connecting a city, 3d render

Solutions for the development of new types of automatic trains

Case studies relevant to the safety of automatic trains will be reviewed using simulators and testing procedures. Their goal will be to use formalised requirements in order to assess and validate every scenario.

Demonstration of the safety of components and key procedures.

Automatic railway operation must conform to current regulation and safety standards. Therefore, we have to perform risk tests and evaluations and develop technologies and procedures that demonstrate safety levels.

Putting into place basic principles to validate new products

In the context of automatic train operation, the risks and responsibilities change. For example, in the future, train drivers will no longer need to look at the tracks. Robots will do this but they will have to guarantee absolute security. So we need to learn as much as we can about the mechanics of new technologies in order to develop safe systems.

Rail Service offers

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    Train management simulation

    SwissMoves has a simulator that can provide practical and economical solutions for the complex issues that rail technology faces. The simulator can carry out numerous tasks, such as: defining the infrastructure needs of a rail network, analysis of line and station capacity, evaluation and design of different types of signalling systems, analysis of the effects of weaknesses and delays in the system…

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    Tests performed by experts

    As part of the development of new components for safety systems or for vehicles, SwissMoves can carry out testing in authentic environments. The results will be drawn up and assessed by technical experts, according to specific normative requirements.

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    Validation and planning procedure

    SwissMoves provides organisational support for both your general and applied projects. Our team has all the expertise needed to draft the relevant documentation, according to the respective norms. We can also give safety demonstrations.

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    Evaluating RBS risks

    Risk management plays a decisive role in the development, management and maintenance of automated transport systems. The experts at SwissMoves can carry out risk evaluations, for both the development of generic systems or sub-systems as well as for implementation projects.

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    Approval procedure

    SwissMoves develops comprehensive certification for systems, components or train management processes at all levels. Our partnership with the company CertX ensures the compulsory independence between the different functions and the associated approval procedures.

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    Training and skill transfer

    SwissMoves can make its wide-ranging expertise available to you through a series of training courses focussed on your needs. With this transfer of know-how, you will be able to continue to develop the important parts of your projects yourselves.

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