Competence Center for Automated Mobility

This two-stage project aims at preparing the creation of a Swiss Homologation Center (CHS) and a Competence Center for Automated Mobility (CCAM). The first step was to evaluate and develop a concept for the verification, certification and homologation of autonomous vehicles. Then, the objective of the 2nd step was to develop and implement the basic infrastructure and the technical processes necessary for the homologation of automated vehicles according to an adapted legal framework.

Evaluation CHS-CCMA

Evaluation and development of the concept of a Swiss Certification Center and a national Competence Center for Autonomous Mobility

In Switzerland, public transport operators want to expand their services by operating autonomous vehicles and systems while meeting safety requirements and respecting the legal framework. The legal framework is being put in place following the technological development of Autonomous Vehicles (AV). In 2019, the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), as the competent Swiss authority for road infrastructure and individual traffic, issued test certificates to operators of autonomous vehicles for testing purposes, such as the one granted to the autonomous shuttle acquired by the Transports publics fribourgeois (TPF) that runs in Marly.

In this project, a concept of verification, certification and homologation of autonomous vehicles was defined to serve as a technical basis for the elaboration of business plans concerning a Swiss Homologation Center (CHS) and a National Competence Center for Autonomous Mobility (CCMA).

The results of the project have demonstrated the relevance of establishing the CCMA and CHS centers. These two centers will benefit from a favorable environment with ROSAS and CertX at their side for the technological aspects related to safety and the UNIFR law faculty for the legal aspects. The partner companies of the project are interested in developing new business models and new services through the operation of autonomous vehicles. The Homologation Center should have an international scope in order to take into account the fast evolution of the technological, legal and regulatory fields.

Preparation CHS-CCMA

Development and implementation of the basic infrastructure and technical processes necessary for the approval of automated vehicles within an appropriate legal framework

In the near future, automated vehicles will play a major role in mobility on the road, on the rail and in the air. To date, the regulatory framework for the use of automated vehicles has not yet been defined and validation and approval procedures have not yet been established for either cars or trains. The results of the previous project CHS-CCMA Assessment demonstrated the feasibility of a competence platform project, which would bring together knowledge and know-how on autonomous mobility on road and rail.

The results of the CHS-CCMA Preparation project established the basis for a development plan to develop the CHS and CCMA centers, specifically in the areas of legal framework, simulation of autonomous vehicle homologation concepts, smart infrastructure needed for both centers, cybersecurity, certification and homologation. A PerceptIn autonomous vehicle demonstrator has been put into operation at the blueFACTORY in Friburg and has been the subject of operability and interconnection analyses.

Project partners