Air travel: from dream to reality

At the forefront of the implementation of laws and regulations

The European Aviation Safety Agency is in the process of drafting laws that include technical and operational requirements for drones. SwissMoves is participating in defining how these requirements can be met, through analysis, testing and simulation.

Safe and swift deployment of new technologies for aerial vehicles

If you are designing a drone, SwissMoves can provide assistance, as of the initial stages, to ensure that your product meets national and international regulations. We offer a thorough analysis of how your system functions and validate it through testing and simulation.

Effective integration of autonomous vehicles win the existing operation of air and ground transport

Autonomous control will significantly increase efficiency and operability in different areas such as infrastructure inspection and parcel delivery. In order to pursue this evolution, it is essential that all the legal, safety and technological aspects are developed simultaneously.

Air Service offers

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    We provide tests for practical operation, behaviour and decision-making within specific scenarios.

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    Simulation is used to test a device in multiple configurations and situations and to react rapidly during the design stage of the device.

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    We verify that your product, its packaging and documentation conform to European law.

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    We can test whether your system is ready to be integrated into a certified vehicle.

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    We analyse and approve of the introduction of systems for drones in Swiss and European markets.

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