In the near future, autonomous vehicles will be an essential part of road, rail and air mobility. So far, there is no defined regulatory framework for the use of autonomous vehicles on roads or rail and no validation or homologation procedures have been established. So at the moment, no institution, neither in Switzerland or abroad, is capable of providing validation and homologation services for the use of autonomous vehicles.

A group of partners has decided to set up a platform in Fribourg, called SwissMoves, that brings together their knowledge and know-how in the field of automated mobility. SwissMoves will develop as a competence centre for Automated Mobility with a unique interdisciplinary approach that will combine the fields of engineering, science, law, economics and sustainability.

Our research group has the unique advantage of being able to call on different types of expertise: legal (UNIFR), business and organizational (HEG), scientific, methodological, technological (HEIA-FR) & (ROSAS), regional public transport (TPF), the specific skills of the only Swiss certification organization that deals in security and safety (CertX), as well as the expertise of specialists in rail system operations and cybersecurity (ROSAS). The goal of this exclusive combination of expertise is to support companies and government offices that are researching and developing new solutions for mobility.


Roland Scherwey

Head of SwissMoves

Wolfgang Berns

Director of ROSAS 

Thomas Probst

Professor of law UNIFR 

Vincent Bourquin

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Oliver Nahon 

Organisation coordinator, ROSAS 

Amin Amini

Deputy CEO of CertX

Laura  Andres

Projects and Innovation

Gabriel Python

Head of Road Department, ROSAS

Sylvain Rhême

Head of Rail Department, CertX

Claudio Panizza

Head of Air Department, ROSAS

Jens Henkner

Director of CertX

Marc-Antoine Fénart

Expert in Transport and Mobility, HEIA-Fr iTEC

Maurizio Caon

Professor of Economics and Technology

Mathias Rossi

Professor of Social Sciences

Mélanie Thomet

Economist and Administrator

Kilian Marty

Cybersecurity Engineer, CertX

Laurent Pichon

Road Engineer, ROSAS

Samuel Rieder

Road Engineer, CertX

Lucio Truaisch

Road Engineer, ROSAS

Jan Huber

Road Engineer, ROSAS

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